The Problem with Blogging…

The problem with blogging is that everyone wants to be a writer and no one wants to be a reader. Everyone has such “insight” and wisdom; and so many great and not so great experiences to share that they become more interested in sharing their thoughts than gathering others’.

It would be okay if everyone in attendance at the bake sale was selling various delicious cupcakes. However, if the only people attending the bake sale are the bakers themselves, and the bakers were not buying the other cupcakes… no one would have a sale… 😮😮😮

I encourage everyone to get out and try some other cupcakes. They are delicious and rich and bursting with flavor! The taste and recipe alone may spawn new recipes in you. You may even shed some of your amazing insight with another baker, with hopes their cupcake recipes become better than ever!!!! Something to think about. Happy tasting… ☺

11 thoughts on “The Problem with Blogging…

  1. I like this analogy; I struggle with being self-centered and I do not feel like “investing” time in what I can see and learn from others but it’s truly a missed opportunity on my part. On another note, those cupcakes look beautiful ♥.

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  2. So true! I get so wrapped up in what I’m doing, it’s easy to forget to read completely through someone else’s posts, or when I do, to take the time to leave them a comment when I’ve been inspired by them. Blogging is such an easy medium to bring people together and build community. But it’s hard to make that actually work when we get so involved with our own posts that we forget to listen to others! I love how simply you put it, because more often than not, I AM inspired by all those other cupcakes 😉


  3. I am SO in touch with this post! I started blogging years ago when Xanga was still around. A friend introduced me to FB, and I fell into the quicksand before I even realized what happened. By the time I remembered why I loved blogging so much, Xanga was gone. I set up a WordPress blog and am trying to become more faithful about posting. You’ve inspired me to be more faithful about commenting on others’ posts. Looking forward to visiting your blog regularly!

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